What's happening in May?

From the 18th to the 19th of May, the Hat Festival in Cheverny

Eight known French milliner will be reunited to display and parade their hats, their feminine collections as well as their masculine ones: Impertinence, Les Chapeaux de Caro, Lila Lacoti, Cécile Descombes, Violaine-Mary, Sophie Lecomte, WAW and Courtois Paris.

Thereby, from the Saturday afternoon to the Sunday morning, a display of hats for sale will be held in the Trophy room.

The highlight of the festival: the parade of hats on Sunday, 19th at 2pm, during which the Renaissance Era will be in the spotlight.

More information: http://https://www.chateau-cheverny.fr/

Contact: 02 54 79 96 29


May 19th, Open Doors at the Public Library

“Kamishibais” event for all.

At 3pm, come test your knowledge and your memory (in all simplicity).

On the 19th of May, from 10 to 12am and from 2h30 to 5pm.

Address: Bibliothèque Municipale - 7 grande rue

41370 Saint-Léonard-en-Beauce

.More information: https://www.sortiren41.fr/agenda/Journee-Portes-Ouvertes_ae651240.html


Sunday, 19th of May, Happy Color Tours

The Happy Color Tours is happening again this year for more and new sensations.

At the end of the run, the party doesn’t stop in the Parc de la Gloriette with a big Pop-Rock-Electro music festival and a bustling Happy Village: sports introductions, food and beverages stalls …

  More information: https://www.touraineloirevalley.com/agenda/happy-color-tours-saison-3-tours/


21st of May, Live-music screening “A walk on the Cher’s banks”

Live-music screening is travel back in time, to the era where movies were mute.

They offer this year a walk on the banks of the Cher River, through archives illustration of the region (lent from the CICLIC) on an accordion and other instruments background. An experience to be a part of!

Address: Cinéma le Régent - 3 boulevard Philippe Auguste, 41400 Montrichard

Contact: accm.leregent@orange.fr /


From the 24th to the 26th of May, Well-Being Village

1st well-being and zen ‘Essenciel’ village in Vendome, an exposition from the 24th to the 26th of May.

An unmissable event if you would like to discover new ways as to improve yourself and take care of your peace of mind.

Come have a relaxing moment with the different workshops offered.

More information: https://www.agenda-des-sorties.com/sortiesdepartement.php?dept=41

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